Emergency Visitor Survival Kit

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I am forever having visitors pop-in and, sometimes, they’re even invited! LOL! Friends of my daughter are frequent fliers, often without parental escort. And those little mouths?! ALWAYS HUNGRY! That means I need to be prepared for anything–boredom, snack or full-fledged lunch. Enter the Emergency Visitor Survival Kit, the way I stay sane when visitors come a knockin’.

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What’s in My Emergency Visitor Survival Kit?

  • Napkins
  • Plastic Wear
  • Baskets for Sandwiches
  • Paper for Sandwich Baskets (because that’s just cool)
  • Giant Coloring Books
  • Homemade Crayons for Little Hands
  • Special Cups (with lids and straws to reduce spilling)
  • Bucket to Play With (bet you thought that’s just where I stored the kit!)
  • Chips Ahoy! Cookies for Dessert
  • All the Ingredients for Yummy Sandwiches

Yummy Sandwiches in My Emergency Visitor Survival Kit

Of course, the sandwiches aren’t actually IN the Survival Kit, but all the ingredients are in the fridge, ready to go. I prefer to keep stuff for sandwiches around because the kiddos that come to visit aren’t always the most versatile of eaters and sandwiches are easily customized. Heck, if I have a super-picky eater in the house, we can even just eat a bagel or toast if it comes to that. There’s lots of great #sanewich ideas on Oscar Mayer’s Pinterest Boards, but I love the two sandwiches I make with my Emergency Visitor Survival Kit. You can find the recipes for these specific sandwiches on Kraft’s Website. But I’ll give you the rundown for each here:

  • Turkey & Ranch Bagel Club
    • Whole Wheat Bagel, split and toasted
    • 1 tblspn Kraft Lite Ranch Dressing
    • Lettuce
    • Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Smoked Turkey Breast
    • Cooked Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon (I keep some pre-cooked in a baggie in the fridge so I can just pop it in the microwave to warm it for sandwiches in an emergency)
    • Tomato Slice
  • Avocado, Bacon, Ham and Cheese Sandwich
    • Toasted Wheat Bread
    • Kraft Real Mayo Mayonnaise
    • Sliced Green Onion
    • Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Smoked Ham
    • Kraft Singles
    • Lettuce
    • Avocado, sliced
    • Bacon (every good sandwich is loaded with bacon)

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There’s nothing I love more than happy kids. Something I know how to do is put a smile on their faces with a cup of lemonade, coloring books and some crayons. If all else fails, though, we have a bucket they can fill with sand or water to play with. Oh, and cookies. Never forget the cookies.

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