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30 Things You Can Do With Conversation Hearts

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Sure some people like chocolates, and other like flowers, but I would argue that conversation hearts are the very best part of Valentine’s Day. The best part is you don’t just have to eat them. Here are 30 super cute things you can do with conversation hearts.

30 super cute conversation heart activities

30 Things You Can Do With Conversation Hearts

  1. Play a quick stacking game with hearts. Give everyone a box and let them go to town!
  2. Add some conversation hearts to your rice krispy treats. Whoa, these are adorbs.
  3. Use leftover conversation hearts for these easy science activities for some Valentine’s day themed learning.
  4. What? You can turn conversation hearts into jewelry. That’s totally awesome.
  5. Kids can make silly sentences with conversation hearts. This is a great beginning reader activity.
  6. Add baking soda to your conversation hearts for an interesting reaction!
  7. Turn conversation hearts into napkin rings. I love this idea for a Valentine’s day dinner with the kids!
  8. Oh my goodness– stuff your cake full of conversation hearts for a piñata surprise!
  9. Or you can fill cupcakes with conversation hearts for a mini version.
  10. Play a counting game with conversation hearts. I used to do this as a Valentine’s Day activity when I taught kindergarten.conversation heart activities
  11. Make a real heart out of conversation hearts! Hah. I love this.
  12. You can use conversation hearts to make paint. What? That is totally cool.
  13. This free printable conversation heart bingo game is tons of fun for kids at school parties.
  14. And here’s a different take on conversation heart bingo!
  15. Add conversation hearts to hair barrettes for a custom boutique look!
  16. This conversation heart hot cocoa recipe is so yum!
  17. Make conversation heart soap. This would make an adorable teacher gift.
  18. A Valentine’s Day conversation heart topiary is the perfect Valentine decoration.
  19. Skip the frosting and go for conversation hearts to decorate a cake instead.
  20. Conversation heart letter tracing is a fun game for beginning learners.
  21. Play a silly straw transfer game with conversation hearts.
  22. Make a wreath out of candy hearts. Totally cute.
  23. This edible conversation heart necklace is so fun! We are making these for sure.
  24. Make ghost candy. This is a really cool idea.
  25. Conversation heart bark is so good, and easy to make!
  26. Conversation heart color sorting is a fun way to practice matching.
  27. Conversation hearts are also a great way to practice pattern matching!
  28. Make a sweet Valentine’s Day treat with this conversation heart puppy chow recipe.
  29. Mad Libs style conversation heart writing is crazy funny.
  30. Conversation heart soda pop is so easy to make you could give it to everyone!

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  1. CAn you send me the directions for how to build the real heart out of conversation hearts? I am a health teacher and would love to try this with my students.

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