Play a Valentine’s Stacking Game

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I love playing this Valentine’s Day stacking game in my daughter’s classroom! The best part is that it’s quick to set up and there’s no mess to take care of after! The kids love it, they laugh the entire time they’re stacking the conversation hearts and they will want to play it again and again!

How To Play the Stacking Heart Game

Here’s how you play:

  1. Give each kid a bag or box of conversation hearts. They will need about 20 to play this game. (Depending on how good they are at stacking.)
  2. Set a timer for a minute. (Or however long you want, we played it with all different times because we like to play over and over again.)
  3. Have them stack as many conversation hearts as they can in one minute. Whoever has the most wins! (Our prize was always that you get to eat one of your hearts– but to make it fair, at the end of the game I let everyone eat all of theirs.)

Have fun playing the stacking hearts game! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    1. @Beverly, it never states to have them stack on the floor. obviously not on the floor

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