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Here’s How You Can Order A Starbucks Tropical Paradise Drink Off Of The Secret Menu

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Summer is here! Whether you are soaking up the sun, swimming, hanging out with friends, or road tripping, you are going to need a nice, refreshing drink to get you through the hot weather!

If you are looking for a refreshing and pretty drink, this is what you’ve been looking for! It tastes tropical, it has caffeine, and it’s pretty! This is the drink for you!

Say hello to the Secret Menu Tropical Paradise Drink! It’s fruity, it’s tasty, it’s pretty, and it’s PERFECT for the summer!


Now, before running off to the store to order it. You’ll need the recipe below.

Why? Because it is on the Starbucks Secret Menu, meaning most baristas will have no idea what is in it unless you tell them the recipe.

How To Order The Tropical Paradise Drink

Start by ordering a Venti Unsweet Passion Tea with no water.

You will then also ask for some mango juice and peach juice. It’s best to ask for 1/3 of each ingredient: Passion tea, Mango juice, and Peach juice.

Also ask for one pump of the Pineapple Ginger syrup. You can add more if you would like, but the mango and peach will already have some sweetener in them so it shouldn’t need too much more.

After adding ice and shaking, you’ll have your very own Tropical Paradise Drink! This is PERFECT for the summer season out in the hot sun!

What other flavors are you hoping to see this season? Comment below and let us know! Also let us know which of our Secret Menu Drinks is your favorite so far?


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