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Pepsi Pineapple Is Here To Give Your Next Drink An Amazing Tropical Twist and I Want Some

Pineapple seems to be the happening flavor this summer and I am totally on board with that!

We are always looking for cool, new flavors to try, and I have to say this one looks amazing! Pepsi has just started tinkering around with different flavors to add to their sodas, and I am quite pleased with this new creation!


A pineapple-flavored Pepsi first came out in Japan in 2019. So if you happened to get the chance to try one of those, you can now compare it the U.S. version. But most of us just looked at it in jealousy waiting for our turn. And now it’s here!

As described on the packaging, you can expect the soda to taste like Pepsi “with a splash of pineapple juice.” Think of it like a tropical twist on your soda! I’m in! It’s already getting SO hot outside, so any chance of a tropical paradise in a cup works for me!

These 8 pack and 12 packs of soda are already being spotted in Walmart’s all over the U.S., so they may already be available at your local store! But with most limited edition items, they will probably fly off the shelves pretty quick! So get those running shoes on! (and let us know if you find any!)

There is speculations that it may be a Walmart exclusive flavor, although we don’t know for sure yet.

We aren’t seeing anything on the packaging to suggest that, but so far that is the only store this drink has been spotted in, so it’s a good thing Walmart stores are pretty much…everywhere!

Last year, Pepsi introduced their Berry, Lime, and Mango flavors, which gave such a great flavor twist to the Pepsi line, so I am glad they are continuing with more flavors! Which of these flavors have you enjoyed the most so far?

Are you excited to try this new Pineapple Pepsi, or do you already have your heart set on one of the already available flavors?


Friday 12th of June 2020

They sound great 2 bad there not here in the uk id love to try the lime and pineapple ones.