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Disney World Released A Pink Dole Whip Stuffed In The Center Of A Watermelon Wedge and I Need It

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The culinary hat comes off for Disney when it comes down to creating incredibly good looking and mouth watering sweet treats all summer long at Walt Disney World Resort. 

The happiest place on Earth is introducing a new type of treat that is a staple food during the summer months. 

Disney introduced the new snack via TikTok and they’re calling it “Dole Whip Watermelon in a Wedge” which is exactly what is sounds like!

Courtesy of Disney

The colorful dessert features Disney’s handcrafted pink colored and watermelon flavored Dole Whip stuffed in between the center of a fresh watermelon slice covered in sweet chocolate chips. 

Courtesy of @disneyparks

Disney also announced alongside the new Dole Whip, Disney enthusiasts can once again order the Dole Whip Watermelon Parfait with Key Lime Custard, topped with chocolate chips, and completed with a tiny watermelon slice cut in the shape of mickey mouse’s head.

Courtesy of Disney

Both summer menu food items will be available through September 6 and you can find the limited edition Dole Whip watermelon slice at Marketplace Snacks in Disney Springs!

Courtesy of @disneyparks

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