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Sour Patch Kids New Apple Harvest Flavors Are Just The Fall Vibe You Need Right Now

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Y’all. It’s happening!

All the fall goodies are dropping into stores, and I can almost feel the cool weather now.

Look what’s headed to a store near you very soon. Gah!

Sour Patch Kids Apple Harvest candies will be here just in time for fall, and I’m downright giddy.

These actually sound amazing, and I can’t wait to rip the top off a bag of these goodies.

You’re going to think it’s time to grab your sweaters, Uggs, and all things pumpkin spice when you break into these bad boys!

This soft and chewy candy favorite in a fall flavor, Apple Harvest! First they’re sour. Then they’re sweet.


Sour Patch Kids candies are really stepping up their game with this one.

These Sour Patch Kids will feature three apple forward flavors: Cranberry Apple, Apple Cider, and Caramel Apple, and don’t they sound delish?!?

Now, they haven’t been spotted on store shelves just yet, but they are, indeed, coming, so get ready.

These Sour Patch Kids join a slew of other candies coming to stores this fall.

Sour Patch Kids

If you are team Candy Corn, you definitely have to check out these Brach’s Fall Festival Candy Corn. It’s hitting shelves, and I can’t wait to try it.


And, everyone’s favorite chocolatey peanut butter candy has jumped on the Halloween bandwagon with Reese’s Peanut Butter Skeletons, which you can find at select stores now.


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