This Viral Food Hack Shows You an Easy Way to Peel the Skin Off of Salmon and It’s Never Looked So Easy

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For as many times as I’ve cooked salmon, peeling the skin has never come easy.

And clearly, I’m not the only who thinks so!

After a video on TikTok went viral with almost 500 thousand likes and over a thousand thoughts and comments, this viral video makes the prep work for cooking salmon so much easier.

Thanks to @rosereisman who is known as the TikTok mom according to her bio, the creator shared a food hack that shows you a simple way on how to peel the skin off of salmon!

Courtesy of @rosereisman

Peeling the skin in my experience, isn’t as easy as it sounds, but now it can be!

Courtesy of @rosereisman

According to @rosereisman, all you need for easy peel is a metal rack, a dish and most importantly, boiling water.

So here are the steps.

To start, you’re going to want to place your salmon on the rack with the side of the skin facing up, while making sure that there’s a big enough bow underneath the rack that will catch the boiling water.

Then, slowly pour the boiling water on top of the salmon’s skin but don’t worry, @rosereisman stresses that the boiling water will not cook the salmon!

Courtesy of @rosereisman

Rather the boiling water will serve its purpose by making the skin easy enough to peel without the struggle!

Courtesy of @rosereisman

Once your done peeling, cook the salmon as you please!

Just don’t forget the lemon.

Courtesy of @rosereisman

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