Krispy Kreme Is Opening Their Biggest Store Ever and It Will Be Open 24/7

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You know what I had for dinner tonight? Doughnuts. Don’t judge. Sometimes it happens. Not out of necessity, but because — well — they’re donuts.

My FAVORITE doughnuts? Why, Krispy Kreme, of course. But, sadly, the closest Krispy Kreme store to me is about an hour from my house. I’m not crying, YOU are.

If are in New York, you are about to be LUCKY, because they are building the most giant Krispy Kreme ever, right in NYC. Legit — It’s going to be their biggest store.

I mean, that makes sense. There are about 8.6 million people in NYC, and it is the cultural center of our country*.

This big ol’ Krispy Kreme will be located in Time Square, and it will open in May — just time for me to plan a road trip!

Krispy Kreme is also planning to open FIVE other stores in the New York area. That will mean GREAT things for employment and revenue in NYC!

BUT, I have to question, if they can have a total of SEVEN Krispy Kremes locations in NYC, why do I have to drive an HOUR to my closest store. Ugh!

Y’all. This store is going to be damn-near 4,500 square feet, will have a GIANT Hot and Ready sign, and — get this — stadium seating to watch the doughnut making process.

Well, yippee for you, NYC. I’m so happy for you.

I’ll just sit over here — in the state that INVENTED Krispy Kreme — without a store in my town. I’m not bitter at all.

It just gives me a better reason to pack up the fam, and take a road trip to the Big Apple!

*I think I made that up. But, it’s totally true, is it not?

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