These Mystery Capsules Come Filled With Mini Plastic Food And People Are Obsessed

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Look, my kids love those mystery capsule toys and to be honest, I feel like there needs to be more adult versions of these mystery capsules and it seems like we are on the right track…

Because people Are OBSESSED with These Mystery Capsules Filled With Mini Plastic Food.

Courtesy of Walmart

You see, this is next level. This is a mystery ball, that contains little brands. That’s it. Not figurines, just tiny “things.”

Courtesy of Walmart

It reminds me of going to the Children’s Museum with my children. They LOVE to go in the section that’s decked out as a grocery store. Pretend shopping is THE thing to do around that place, and the kids LOVE it. I’m bored out of my MIND, but they love it.

Courtesy of Walmart

Take any trip to TikTok, and you will undoubtedly find someone “unboxing” one of these Mini Brands Mystery Balls. It’s a whole ‘thing’ amongst the children — and I honestly don’t get it.

Courtesy of Walmart

These Mini Brands are so popular, that stores are selling smack out. People HAVE to have their mini things, I guess.

Courtesy of Walmart

I’m for real when I say, all I see in my mind are things junking up my house. I get anxiety just thinking about it!

Courtesy of Walmart

I mean, these little things don’t even have product in them. I’d get it, if there were mini Mentos, the smallest amount of ice cream ever, or teeny tiny Moon Pies. That would be pretty rad!

Courtesy of Walmart

So, do you play Barbies with these? Do you make tiny cakes? Do they just sit there, cluttering up your desk? (I’m one to talk. I have about 30 Funko Dolls just standing on my dresser.)

That being said — I’m going to be 100% transparent with you here — After seeing all the product available in the Mini Brands balls, and writing this post, I kind of want to buy one to see what the hype is about. Ha! They sucked me in.

I have to admit. That mini Air Heads candy is pretty dang cute. And, the more I look at it, I think I need a mini ice cream container. They could sit there with all my Funko dolls.

You can get these Mini Brands Mystery Balls at Walmart, right HERE.

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