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Jose Cuervo Has A New Ready-To-Drink Cherry Limeade Margarita And I Say, It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Jose Cuervo has just taken it next level with their new Cherry Limeade Margarita drinks.

This isn’t one of those drinks where you have to get out the measuring cups, and pour two parts mix to one part alcohol. It is READY TO DRINK!

I want to say I love straight tequila, but I had a bad reaction to the drink once — I drank too much of it, and it let me know! I DO, however, love a good margarita.

I also love just about ANYTHING that tastes like Cherry Limeade. That makes this Jose Cuervo Margarita DRINK amazing! I keep wanting to call it a mix, but it’s not. It’s a DRINK.

It tastes like cherry vanilla, with hints of lime. YES! Sound good to me. And hey, the drink is PINK, so there’s always that. You can’t beat a good pink drink!

This is available in grocery stores that sell alcohol, or you can get it at your local liquor store. It retails for around eighteen bucks, and I already can tell you I will need a COUPLE bottles!

You can garnish with some FRESH cherries and a squeeze of lime to make this drink OUT OF THIS WORLD!

This would be PERFECT for an at-home Valentine’s date — or really, it would be good just because it’s been a Monday kinda day.

You get two classic flavors, the cherry and the lime, in one fantabulous drink! How can you say no? You can’t.

Pick yours up today, and let us know how you like it! I mean, it’s Jose Cuervo, Cherries, and Lime. What’s not to like here. Ha!