Dunkin’ Donuts Released A Pink Ombré Drink For Valentine’s Day and I’m On My Way

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What exactly is Pink Velvet? I know that Red Velvet is supposed to be chocolate, with red food coloring. But, it doesn’t taste exactly like chocolate, AMIRITE? I think it’s a conspiracy — or maybe I’m just paranoid.

Via Dunkin

Whatever it is, it’s good. I should just go with it, and stop asking questions.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day — and for a limited time — Dunkin’ is bringing out a PINK Velvet drink. I know, you’re even MORE confused about flavor now! Ha!


This PINK Velvet drink is simply made with Dunkin’s espresso, red velvet cake flavor, and hints of cream cheese icing. OMG, I had one, and it’s simply amazing!


AND, it’s PINK, so there’s that. I’d try almost ANYTHING if it were pink. I’m not even lying right now.


These Pink beverages are all part of Dunkin’s line of espresso based latte drinks. I totally want to try the Pink Macchiato! It’s an ombre drink, with espresso floating on top of the Pink Velvet goodness.


They are also going to have some super cute and delicious Valentine’s Day donuts. One heart donut has Cream, and one heart donut has Brownie Batter filling. You HAVE to check them out before they are GONE.


I’ll take a Valentine donut and a Pink Velvet Latte any day of the week!


In fact — where are my keys? I need to get there right now! That Pink Velvet Macchiato is calling my name.

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