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This Gorgeous Orange Glitter Tumbler Is Perfect For The Person Who Loves Their Pumpkin Spice

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This tumbler is falling into our lives at just the right time!


It is officially Pumpkin Spice season, and I’m about to get my latte on in the biggest and baddest way possible.

These “There’s A Chance This Is Pumpkin Spice” Tumblers are double walled and stainless steel, so they are perfect for your iced OR hot PSL!


They will keep your cold beverage cold, and your hot beverage hot!

Love love love! Wonderful seller and product, will buy from again!

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ThePayneShack, who makes these tumblers, takes such care in their design.


These tumblers are glittered, and then sealed. They are then customized, with names and sayings, and then sealed two more times.’

These tumblers are COMPLETELY customizable, from the type of font, to the color of the tumbler, to adding your name.


Even though these are made with such care, you still want to hand wash them to protect the integrity of the design.

You want to keep them out of the extreme heat (like left in your car), and you don’t want to let them soak for long periods of time in liquid.


Obviously, since these tumblers are stainless steel, you never want to put them in the microwave.

[These] glitter tumblers are a great gift for family and friends.


There are NINE styles of Pumpkin Spice Tumbler to choose from: everything from a 10-ounce basic stainless steel tumbler to a 30-ounce Yeti Tumbler.


The price of these tumblers starts at $32, and goes up from there depending on what size and type you want.

You can get your own “There’s A Chance This Is Pumpkin Spice” Tumbler from the ThePayneShack shop on Etsy.


If you are looking for a super yummy and unique Pumpkin Spice drink to try, you HAVE to check out my FAVORITE Jack Skellington Frappuccino from the Starbucks Secret Menu.

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