Tired of McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines Being Broken? Well, McDonald’s Just Won A Lawsuit That’ll Fix That

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This is some great news!

So, you know how McDonald’s ice cream machines always seem to be broken at the worst time?

Like, one time when I had my wisdom teeth out, all I wanted was a creepy ice cream cone from McDonald’s and the machine was BROKEN. Talk about the worst day ever.

Anyways, it was just announced that McDonald’s has won a lawsuit that’ll help keep those ice cream machines running.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy but it’s true!

According to reports, McDonald’s ice cream machines are manufactured by Taylor Company, and despite their alleged unreliability, they still cost a cool $18,000 each.

 According to WIRED, part of the reason for that five-figure price tag is because of their complexity: the machines can simultaneously make both soft serve and milkshakes, which is a crucial capability for busy McDonald’s restaurants. 

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And get this, every time these machines would break, McDonald’s would have to pay for an expert technician from Taylor Company to come out and fix it. Resulting in thousands and thousands of dollars to fix.

Thus why so many machines were broken for a while. Crazy, right?

Well, turns out, a third-party company called Kytch released its own diagnostic device that figured out what was wrong with the Taylor machines and allowed the McStaff to make the necessary repairs without having to call a Taylor technician.

Saving McDonald’s money.

Of course, there ended up being a lawsuit because Taylor didn’t like this news. After all, they made money on having to fix these machines.

But now, a judge has sided with the 3rd party company stating that McDonald’s should in fact, have a right to fix their own machines that they paid for. Makes sense, right?

So, for now, it looks like McDonald’s has a right to fix their own machines in a more affordable and quicker way. And in return, it means yummy, creamy ice cream for all!

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