Michaels Is Selling Day of the Dead Decorations And I’m On My Way

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Michaels Stores have their Day of the Dead decor out on shelves, and I’m ready!

Day of the Dead occurs the two days after Halloween. It’s the holiday when the spirit world is able to come out and reunite with their loved ones for a short time.

Via Michaels

To help celebrate this colorful and special holiday, Michaels has a whole line of Day of the Dead Decor.

The sugar skull awesomeness does not disappoint!

Via Michaels

I’m going to need a bigger basket.

They have everything from colorful festive wreaths …

To different candles…

Via Michaels

to Awesome statues and figurines…

Via Michaels

They even have these super cute sugar skull animals!!

Via Michaels

Check out these light-up table toppers! They require batteries, which aren’t included, but are totally worth it!

Via Michaels

These amazing Day of the Dead decor items are priced right at $3 to $15 dollars each.

You can get them at your local Michaels store, or you can get them at Michaels.com.

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