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You Can Get Black Succulents And I Think I’m In Love

Are my eyes deceiving me? Black succulents are a thing?

Just open my wallet, and take all my money right now!

Oh, hells yeah! We just discovered these beautiful black(ish) plants to add to our succulent obsessed collection.

They are actually dark green … very dark green … so dark that they usually appear to be black. I’ll take it!

These rare-to-us succulents (Sinocrassula Yunnanensis), sometimes called Chinese Jade, are a little tricky to find. You MIGHT find them at your local farmer’s market or gardening store, or you may have to find them online.

There are a couple shops on Etsy that sell these beautiful succulents: Sultansucculent and WalawalaStudio. They can come in seed or plant form. Make sure you are checking before you purchase.

Wouldn’t these look GREAT in one of these Skull Planters from Trader Joe’s?