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Team Edward? Team Jacob? No, I Am Team Creeped Out

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Yes, I read the Twilight books when they came out. Yes, I also watched the Twilight movies when they came out.


I was not obsessed, but I am a mother of girls and one was really into it so I read the books to make sure it was ok. Then I watched the movies with her.


Then I saw grown women acting like teenagers. I suddenly saw online statuses about being “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob”. These were not teenagers, but grown women! Some of them were even my friends!

I was officially “Team Creeped Out”. I may receive hate mail for this, but it’s the truth. They even had shirts and signs. It was like Beatlemania! But with grown women over teen vampires and werewolves. I remember it vividly. Women swooning over characters that were highschool boys.

That’s creepy right? I mean I have never looked at a teen character and been like “oh…I want some of that!” and that is legit what some of these women were doing. I even told them it was creepy!


They were fangirling so hard that you would have thought they were 14-15 years old and not in their mid 30’s on up.


I don’t even care if maybe the actors were 18 or older. The characters they were professing love for were teenagers. In fact, 18 years old, even if considered an adult, is a teenager.


The fact is, Taylor Lautner was 16 years old. A BOY. Robert Pattinson was 22, but he played a teenager. The ladies were in love with the character not the actor. WEIRD!


Ladies, how would we have felt had it been grown 40-year-old men cheering on for “Team Bella”? We would all think that was gross right? Well, it is just as gross when women do it.


Don’t be a creep, teen boys are for teen girls to crush on, not grown women. What do you think? Am I wrong? Tyler Lautner will forever and always be Sharkboy and you don’t swoon over Sharkboy!


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