You Can Get A Glow In The Dark Oogie Boogie Face Mask And It’s So Cool, I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

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Halloween may be 258 days away until we can collect candy and carve pumpkins again, but who says you can’t prepare for spooky season a little bit earlier than usual.

Tradition says that when the day of October 31st passes, you have to put away your witch’s cauldron and the bowl of candy corn, but traditions are meant to be broken for a reason.

While springtime is less than two months, who says you can’t wear an Oogie Boogie face mask even if it is warm outside, not I!

Courtesy of @BADJUJUMASK

Currently on TikTok, an intriguing Oogie Boogie face mask has gone viral on the social media platform and for many reasons.

Courtesy of @BADJUJUMASK

One being that this face mask glows in the dark which means when you leave the house at night, your face will be glowing and two, who doesn’t love the Oogie Boogie monster from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ movie?!

The brilliant sewer behind the mask sells the handmade Oogie Boogie face mask on Etsy that also features glow in the dark worms similar to the monster in the film!

Courtesy of @BADJUJUMASK

The face mask is reusable, washable and “stylish AF”, according to the seller’s description and he is 100% correct!

Even his customers agree that the custom made Oogie Boogie face mask is a fan favorite!

“My all time favorite mask by far!!! Absolutely love the theming with Nightmare before Christmas! Used it for my trip to Disney and received SO many compliments from guests and cast members; definitely buying more, said an Etsy buyer!”

Shane Rountree

You can currently snag your own glow in the dark Oogie Boogie face mask on Etsy for $29!


For everyone who keeps asking what my favorite mask is 😷🔥 #oogieboogie #nightmarebeforechristmas #maskman #etsy #disney #transitions

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You can also check out an entire collection of face masks inspired by Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ movie for $115!

Courtesy of @BADJUJUMASK

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