This Nightlight Allows You to Fall Asleep Counting Dinosaurs

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OMG! I don’t care HOW old my son is, he needs this light for his room. Why? One word: Dinosaurs.

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Amazon has this awesome projection light makes dinosaurs walk across your walls. But, they aren’t just ANY dinosaurs, they are super colorful, playful dinosaurs!

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You might see a Triceratops, T-Rexs, Brachiosaurus, Pterosaur, and you never know what else.

When you take the dome light attachment off, you will get a 365 degree view of these not-so-scary beasts.

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When you put the dome attachment back on the light, the dinosaurs go to sleep*, and you will not see them projected on your walls. You WILL, however, have a super cool night light that is PERFECT for you child.

There are NINE different color combinations that you can make with this lamp. You choose the one you want by pressing the “Color Switch Button.”

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Package Includes:
*Dinosaur Projector Lamp
*USB Charge Cable
*User Manual

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You can power the Dinosaur Lamp by using 4 AAA Batteries, or by using the included USB power cord.

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You can get your own Dinosaur Light right on the Amazon website!

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If your family loves EVERYTHING dinosaur — like mine — you have GOT to check out the Nachosaurus, that turns plain ol’ nachos into a roaring good time.

Courtesy of Amazon

*So, they don’t TECHNICALLY go to sleep, but it’s fun to pretend they do!

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