Trader Joes is Selling $4 Succulent Skulls and I Need One In Every Color

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Sugar skull succulents are the only Halloween decoration you need.

Sugar skulls are among my favorite Halloween decorations and I was so sad when I walked into my Target and all the adorable succulent decorations were already gone.

Well, now I get to be super excited because Trader Joes is Selling $4 Succulent Skulls and I Need One In Every Color. Oh, and they totally have enough to go around!

Currently, Trader Joes is selling Sugar Skull succulents in two different sizes. The smaller ones are $3.99 while the Grande size are $9.99.

Aside from Halloween, these are perfect for celebrating Day of the Dead which is approaching around the same time as Halloween.

Look how cute they look in your home! AHHH I need one in every single color!

You’ll want to head in-store and grab these before they are gone. If they are anything like the Target succulents, they’ll be gone in a flash!

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  1. These are sugar skulls, which are part of the celebration of Dia de los Muertos, an entirely different holiday. They are NOT Halloween decorations. Please be sure to make that distinction. It means a lot to the Latinos who are having their culture appropriated. Thank you 🙂

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