Glittery Maple Syrup Exists And We Are For It

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If it doesn’t sparkle, you need more glitter and that’s exactly what Runamok Maple thought of when you douse your pancakes with syrup in the morning.

If you butter your pancakes instead of using syrup, you’ll change your mind after seeing this line of sticky substances.


Glittery Maple Syrup exists and we can thank the syrup fanatics over at Runamok Maple.


Their limited edition line of maple syrup is made with food-safe pearlescent mica which creates the sparkly appearance. Similar to a chocolate milk, you’ll need to shake the bottle before you pour, that way, you’ll get the most shimmer out of the bottle.

Starting September 1st, you can start adding Sparkle Syrup to breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Just like the Cinnamon Toast Crunch ‘Cinnadust’, the possibilities are endless and pancakes are just the beginning because there is an abundance of breakfast foods and baked goods you can add sparkle too!

You can currently pre-order the 8 ounce bottle on their website for 17 dollars.


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