Skittles Dips Are Here And Come Covered In A Creamy Yogurt Shell

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Certain things are good dipped in a yogurt coating — pretzels and raisins, off the top of my head.

Courtesy of Skittles

Now, Skittles have come out with Fruits Skittles Dipps. They are Skittles, but dipped in a yoghurty coating. Hmmm. Could they possibly be good?

The answer is, YES! It took a minute to get used to the texture, because it was a bit different than the hard candy shell I’m used to. It’s not a WHITE CHOCOLATE coating, but a definite yogurt shell. Once I established the texture of the yogurt coating, it was smooth and totally yummy sailing.

The coating definitely gives the skittles a creamier taste. It’s almost like the flavor of an ice cream. You get the creaminess of the yogurt, and then the sweet and tart taste of the candy.

You still have the normal flavors – grape, lemon, orange, green apple, and strawberry, but each one is coated in this creamy yogurt. It’s this yogurt that just sends it over the edge to awesome flavor.

To me, these are a little more decadent and sweet, so I couldn’t just pop them in my mouth like a regular Skittles candy. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. You just get to savor them, and enjoy the flavor of the ones you eat just a little bit more.

To those that are thinking these might not be your favorite, I say, JUST TRY THEM. You will be pleasantly surprised!

I even had a friend that made cookies with these (instead of chocolate chips in the recipe, they used Skittles Dipps). They were surprisingly good!

There are SO MANY companies coming out with new variations on their classics, and the Skittles brand is not immune to this new trend. I say, they have a definite winner here!

Try them for yourself, and tell us what you think!

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