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Ghost Edition Tequila Bottles Exist and They Are Spooky Cool

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The most common tequila usually comes in a clear glass bottle, but since we’re only 68 days from Halloween and even less until spooky season, it’s only fair for the bottle to be dressed accordingly.

You can now get a ghost edition tequila bottle for all of your spooky needs and party necessities.

Courtesy of Total Wine

Packaged in a white ghost shaped bottle with a very familiar face similar to the fictional character Ghostface and topped with a white lid, this tequila bottle is hard to miss in any liquor store aisle!

Courtesy of @maraegl

Thanks to a few individuals on TikTok who found the bottle in stores, now we all can cheers our way into Halloween with holiday themed liquor bottles!

Courtesy of @suxessful

Officially called the Gran Agave Ghost Edition Reposado Tequila just incase you need the name on your search in stores, you can find the ghost edition shaped bottle at Total Wine & More stores for $45 this Halloween!

Courtesy of @maraegl

It looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost grew up and my advice would be to run, and not walk to the nearest Total Wine & More store because this decorated bottle is selling out quickly; according to one social media user, they snagged the last bottle within a 50 mile radius!

Courtesy of @daisyann94

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