Upside Down Christmas Trees Is The Hot New Trend and I Love It

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Talk about space saving!

Before you get ready to clear an area to display your Christmas tree this year you might want to consider displaying it differently…

Upside Down Christmas Trees Is The Hot New Trend and I Love It. Honestly, I am just wanting to get mine up now!

The Upside Down Christmas tree has taken on as one of this year’s hottest holiday trends only, it isn’t exactly a new one…

The Upside Down Christmas tree trend was started in the Middle Ages when Europeans did it to represent the Trinity.

Since that time, retailers have done it as a way to display ornaments for sale at eye-level of shoppers and also to save space.

Nowadays it’s done to keep little hands (kids) and pets away from ornaments while offering a cool, space-saving statement piece.

Truthfully, they are quite unique and neat looking when they are all done up.

So, how are Upside Down Christmas Trees displayed? Traditionally, they are hung with special kits that allow the base to be anchored to the ceiling. There are also trees that come with a special base that allows the tip to be inserted for stability.

In fact, Target is selling Upside Down Christmas Trees that include the base!

So, will you be trying this cool trend this year? I know I am!

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