You Can Get Starburst Flavored Gelatin And I’m Totally Making Jello Shots

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Starburst Gelatin is here, and it’s time to rekindle our love of that wiggly, jiggly snack treat!

I remember when I was in 6th grade. I took strawberry gelatin to school for a bake sale, and I SOLD OUT within 30 minutes. Why don’t we ever talk about how good this stuff its?

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Well, now we are talking about it! These Starburst Gelatins come in four delicious flavors: Lemon, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and — my personal favorite — All Pink (which is strawberry).

My kids are about to FREAK. Gelatin is their go-to dessert at ANY cafeteria. When they find out they can now get their favorite Starburst flavors, they are going to DIE.

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Write this down: One box of Starburst Gelatin, One can of pineapple juice, One bottle of ginger ale, One quart of sherbet ice cream. You are welcome. That is the BEST non-alcoholic party drink you will ever try!

My favorite gelatin to make this drink with is the Starburst All Pink, but depending on what flavor of sherbet you use, you could really use ANY of the Starburst Gelatin flavors!

NOW, let’s talk about what we are ALL thinking — GELATIN SHOTS! Add some vodka to those fabulous Starburst flavors. It’s about to get turnt up in here. Did I say that right? I’m old. You have to hold my hand, sometimes.

You can find these Starburst Gelatin flavors at your local grocery store.

Can’t find them? We got ya, boo! You can get them right HERE on the Amazon website.

Side note: Once I went to my grandma’s house, and she had put cottage cheese and beets in cherry gelatin. WTF?!? Nope. I had none of it.

How are YOU going to make your Starburst Gelatin?

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