Here’s Why All The Girls Are Asking for Hydro Flasks

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If you have a teen daughter or know one, you’ve probably heard them talk about Hydro Flasks to the point where you’re ready to throw down that $30-$50 to get them one just to keep them happy.

More importantly, you might be wondering what the big deal is about these flasks and why so many teens want them…

Here’s Why All The Girls Are Asking for Hydro Flasks and Why You Should Probably Get Your Daughter One…

The Hydro Flask trend has been created by teen girls thanks to the ever-growing VSCO Girl Trend. A VSCO girl cares about the environment thus getting rid of those plastic water bottles and opting in for reusable options.

While the Hydro Flasks weren’t made just for teens nor marketed towards them, that just seemed to be what girls were into. They even decorate these water bottles with fun and positive stickers like below.

There are certainly cheaper options on the market for keeping their hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold but the Hydro Flask is still among the top wanted items for a VSCO Girl and is one of the must-haves to prove you really are what you claim to be.

Aside from the fact that Hydro Flask is a well-made product, they are cute looking and come in a range of colors.

This photo of Borrego Outfitters is courtesy of TripAdvisor

But even more so, since the Hydro Flask has grown in popularity, it has become a sort of “status symbol” for teens. Basically, you are cool if you own one and some of that comes from the expense of the product (although no teen should care about how much something costs just to impress their friends).

Sure, you can tell your daughter she is cool anyways, or you can allow her to earn her money to purchase one on her own and help her own her VSCO Girl status. Either way the choice is yours.

The good news is, while they are expensive, they do come with a life-time warranty!

Oh and in case you’re wondering, according to online mommy thread, the most popular size among teens is the 32 oz. Wide Mouth size. You’re welcome.

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