The Time My Daughter Stuck a Raisin Up Her Nose

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Earlier today, while driving home from story time at the library my kid was munching down on some raisins, and I hear from the back seat, “nose oh nose nose NOSE NOSE NOSE!!!”

raisin up nose

I pull over, and lo and behold guess who has shoved a raisin up her nose!? Well, crap I was in the parking lot of a strip mall, and not totally equipped in any way to handle this little crisis, so I called her dad.

He was at work, but since there was a RAISIN IN MY KID’S NOSE, he agreed to head home to meet me there to see what he can do.

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raisin up nose

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I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but the raisin wasn’t like going to get sucked up into her brain or anything. (At least, I don’t think that is what happens to raisins in noses.) So, I was willing to wait. 

Well, she chilled out a little by the time Dad got home, and he came up with a plan…

raisin up nose

What was this brilliant plan you ask?

Well, before I could even see what was happening, he came flying in from the kitchen, something in his hand.

“What’s in your–” I asked, but before I could finish, he reached up and wiped something under her nose. 

raisin up nose

Her cute little adorable nose WAS COVERED IN PEPPER.

I was ready to lose my poop right there, I mean how could he?! This was something we needed to consult a medical professional about. NOT THE SPICE CABINET.

raisin up nose

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Then, she started sneezing… and sneezing and sneezing until WAM! RAISIN BOOGER!

raisin up nose

I looked at him, he looked at me. Pleases as punch.

“You better be damn glad that worked.”

“It was a gamble for sure.”

raisin up nose

Well, when you consider the alternative. Tweezers up the nose in the doctor’s office while she screams bloody murder, this was an EXCELLENT plan.

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  1. Oh thank goodness for your suggestion. It worked perfectly. I didnt want to do a&e on a sat night with 3 young kids.

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