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10 Things You Probably Aren’t Doing To Keep Your Baby Safe

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Baby safety is one of those things that everyone can agree on. In that it’s important to keep babies safe.

HOW you should keep those babies safe? Well, that’s a different story, everyone has a different opinion on that. But there are some things you might be doing every day that aren’t keeping your baby safe, and that’s what I am here for!

(Oh, and I am also here to tell you that as an experienced parent, you got this!)

Ten things you probably aren’t doing to keep your baby safe.

Eating and drinking in the car.

Look, I understand. It’s really hard to make sure your babe has a nice full belly. And when they don’t they can be less than pleasant to be around, but I will never forget the day I was driving down the road and my one-year-old starting saying “MY NO MY NO MY NO!” from the backseat.

I had to haul it off the freeway and pull into a deserted parking lot only to discover that she had stuck raisin up her nose as far as she could.

What if she’d choked instead? Skip the food and drink in the car!

Keep cords wrapped up.

Like all of them. It takes approximately 2 seconds for your kid to wrap a cord around their neck.

I don’t know why that is the go-to for a baby, but it IS, and the only way you can be sure that isn’t happening is to wrap those cords!

Don’t leave your baby on high surfaces.

Y’all I am not just talking about when walking away from a baby just laying there on a bed or a changing table, I am talking about when they are in carriers, bumbos and seats, too!

If that kid starts kicking and rocking, they have the power to MOVE that stuff RIGHT off the ledge. Leave that stuff on the ground!

Keeping cleaning stuff under the sink.

I don’t know why we all think it’s a good idea to leave our cleaning supplies under the sink. It’s NOT.

Even IF you have that spot child proofed, you could still accidentally leave the cabinets open, and it’s just not the end of the world to move that stuff UP. Find a high spot to keep your cleaning supplies.

It’s just safer.

Skip the fancy placemats and tablecloths.

I know they look nice, and they can really jazz up an old kitchen table, but those little hands just see something bright and colorful to play, and before you know it, they can pull the whole table setting right down on their heads.

So even though it’s prettier, just put those away for now.

Don’t cover your stroller to keep your babe out of the sun.

It seems like the right thing to do, to keep them nice and shaded, but then you need to make sure they have a nice breeze in there, too.

It gets hot SO fast in there and when you trap all the heat in, you’re making a little baby oven. Nobody wants that.

Keep your kid away from dogs.

I am not saying don’t let them be in a room with a dog or pet a dog, I am saying do not leave kids and dogs alone in the same room together.

As much as you love that precious four legged creature, and trust me, nobody loves their dog more than I do you need to keep them SEPARATE from the baby!

Check product recalls.

This one is always so freaky to me, but it’s also super important. Stuff is being recalled all the time, and a lot of it is baby stuff.

Do a quick google search for product recalls and make sure you don’t have anything on the list!

Keep it nice and chilly for your newborns.

This part is hard, because you feel like they are just going to freeze, because they aren’t supposed to be sleeping with any blankets, but they are also supposed to have a nice chilly room.

But just make it cold in there, okay?

Touch the metal and plastic parts of the carseat FIRST. Before you ever put tour kid in there, touch them with the BACK of your hand to make sure they aren’t going to burn your kid.

One month baby girl sleeping in car seat

That stuff gets hot FAST and they have to be buckled in quite tight and pretty much all over their whole body.

The bottom line when it comes to baby safety is just to be vigilant. Look around and be aware of the surroundings.

Don’t get lazy, and just watch your kiddo. You got this! 🙂

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