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These Easter Eggs Prove Dr. Strange May Just Be The Most Inclusive Movie Yet

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Dr. Strange may just be the most inclusive movie yet…

Disney/Marvel Studios

Now, you may be wondering why this is so important and honestly, if you don’t already know, we can’t be friends (kidding!).

Look, it’s no secret that Disney hasn’t always shown their support for the LGBTQ community and when they have, it’s always been more subtle or hasn’t really seemed to make an impact.

In fact, just back in March there was a huge story going around about how Pixar employees said Disney had censored LGBTQ stories ‘down to crumbs of what they once were’.

As large as Disney is, you’d think they’d be far more inclusive than they are (or than they play off to be) and we may finally be getting a piece of that in the new Dr. Strange movie.

Fair Warning: There will be spoilers so, if you haven’t see the movie yet, click away now.

Dr. Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness officially opens today and for those that have already seen it, they couldn’t help but notice just how inclusive the movie was.

Disney/Marvel Studios

There are Easter Eggs that prove just that and we are totally hear for it!

Disney/Marvel Studios

Dr. Strange Inclusive Easter Eggs

Easter Egg #1

There is a lesbian character known as America Chavez (played by the actor Xochitl Gomez) and in the movie, she refers to her “two moms”.

This reference alone has caused quite the stir and made it so Dr. Strange has been banned in some countries such as Saudi Arabia. Oh and Florida in the U.S.. Yes, I said Florida.

Disney/Marvel Studios

Easter Egg #2

The actress mentioned above also sports a Pride Pin on her jacket. Subtle, but definitely seen.

The scenes really amount to about 12 seconds and while these two Easter eggs may not seem like much, they are.

Representation is so important and we are so glad that Disney is making it happen even if it is so short-lived!! It’s better than nothing, right? Let’s hope there is more of this from Disney to come!!

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