This Little Girl Came Home With A Random Jacket She Says She Bought And I Totally Believe Her

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This is Mila. She is going to be a lawyer someday.

There is the cutest clip EVER on Twitter, starring the SWEETEST little thief you’ll ever meet, and she’ll have you completely believing every word she says.

Mila came home from school wearing this super-cute jacket that OBVIOUSLY fits her, and claims its hers. Nobody will convince her otherwise! She has an answer for EVERYTHING.

Where’s it from?
The Jacket Store, duh.

How much did she pay for it?
Five what?
Five monies, obviously.

What brand is it, Little Mila?
Ummm. Nike.

Mila, I’m pretty sure that jacket isn’t yours.

See the entire conversation in this clip from @samaraa0 via Twitter.


Mila now has her own YouTube page. You can see how the plot unfolds on Mila’s World.

Via Mila’s World on YouTube

You can even take this poll that asks where YOU think Mila got the jacket.

I believe you, Mila! You are too cute not to trust.

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