This Mom’s Hack For Getting Her Teen Son To Clean His Room Is Pure Genius

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This mom, deserves an award.

Seriously, I am using this trick the next time I have to ask my kids (especially my pre-teen) to clean his room more than once!

So, there is a mom who was tired of asking her son over and over to clean his room and kept warning him that if he didn’t pick up the dishes from his room, he’d get mice.

Well, she decided to take things into her own hands…

So, I have a teenage son. I’m always arguing with him about not eating in his room, returning dirty dishes to the kitchen. I threatened that he’s going to end up with a mouse in his room that will brings friends to my home…

She continued with…

I got tired of singing the same song and decided to teach him a lesson. I went to Whole Foods, purchased some black rice and sprinkled it in his closet, under his bed, and under his window. I even added a few under his covers. It looks like mice droppings and it scared the S*** out of him. Needless to say- we don’t have that room cleaning issue any more?

OMG where is the applause button when you need one?!

This is seriously GENIUS.

So, the next time you can’t get your kids to clean their room, make sure you remember this trick.

Just go buy some Black Rice (that looks completely like mouse droppings) and sprinkle it around your kids room.

I am certain it’ll teach them a lesson and their rooms will stay neat and tidy!!

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  1. Single Mom issue…. of getting your son to listen to what you say….. But then again, rice… will not work for a lot of Moms…..

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