People Are Using Power Washers To Carve Pumpkins This Halloween

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It’s common to use a carving kit from Target or a small kitchen steak knife to carve out the face of your pumpkin(s). 

Courtesy of @goldfishpumpkin

Although this year, a new trend has started on social media to carve out the eyes, nose, eyebrows, and mouth to make a jack-o-lantern.

Individuals on TikTok are using power washers to carve their pumpkins and the results give you a two-faced pumpkin!

Courtesy of @goldfishpumpkin

So if you just so happen to have a pressure washer hose lying around, carve your pumpkin (carefully, and with an adult) and see how well the design turns out.

Courtesy of @goldfishpumpkin

TikToker @goldfishpumpkin makes the trend look easy but if you watch carefully, it looks harder than what the video actually shows.

A steady hand and patience is exactly what’s need to successfully complete this trend.

Courtesy of @goldfishpumpkin

Considering the pressure washer hose is so strong, while carving out one side of your pumpkin the other is mimicked.

Since the water charges straight through to other side, your two-faced pumpkin has two sides to show when trick-or-treaters ring the doorbell asking for candy on Halloween.

Courtesy of @goldfishpumpkin

Consider using a carving kit to change a few details on the side of your pumpkin; for example a wider nose, a sharper mouth or adding eyebrows so you can interchange the glowing sides of your jack-o-lantern throughout Halloween night!

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