This Mom Actually Gave Her Kids Coal for Christmas For Being Bad All Year

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I am firm believer that if you say you’re going to do something, you do it.

With that being said, this mom truly stuck her guns when it came to Christmas… This Mom Actually Gave Her Kids Coal for Christmas For Being Bad All Year and I am torn on how to feel about it.

It’s no secret that as soon as Halloween concludes, as parents we all start to tell our kids that Santa is watching and they better be good or they’ll get coal for Christmas.

I am guilty of saying it too and it has never gotten to the point where I’ve actually had to do that to my kids. Sure, my kids aren’t always angels but for the most part, they are great kids.

It seems this mom felt otherwise about her daughter because she actually gave her kid a jar of coal from Christmas along with a letter from Santa.

The letter said:

“As I write you this letter I am saddened to not be able to drop off all the wonderful gifts you wrote to me about and asked for. I hope to deliver everything that every child wants, but this time of the year most people forget that it is something you must work for. While I love you and want to gibe you everything you asked for I cannot, because you had a bad year. You did not listen to your mother or grandparents. You have not done your best in school, and you need to improve in all of these things. You need to be the good girl I know you can be. I hope that this time next year I can bring you everything that you ask for. As for this Christmas I must give you coal. Please be good and listen to your mother.

Love Santa Claus”

The letter was posted publicly on Reddit and while some parents were supportive of the move, other’s were saying it was awful for that mom to do it and felt bad for the little girl.

While I don’t know what I’d do if I really ever had to get to the point where I am giving my kids coal, I do know one thing, that kid must have been really naughty for this mom to follow through with it.

What do you think? Was this mom in the right or did she go too far?

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  1. My Dad gave me coal when I was 11 for Christmas because I was starting to show independence for the first time and instead of always doing what I was told I would talk back or pretend not to hear things my Dad asked of me at the time… pretty normal kid stuff. But I also was an awesome big sister and helped daily to care for my three younger sisters (ages 1, 3, & 6 at the time). So did I deserve a lump of coal for the bad things I did or maybe were the good things I did taken for granted?? Either way my feelings were very hurt and it was the worst Christmas Day. My husband and I have chosen to use Christmas as a time to talk about the importance of giving and Not using the threat of Santa to make our children behave a certain way. So in short, please don’t give your kids coal for Christmas… instead focus on the good things they have done and encourage them to do more good things!

    1. @Stephanie, im not sure what your age is and how long ago that Christmas was but you definitely remember it. Im skipping Christmas this year because my kids don’t deserve gifts. I hope they remember well and learn to do better in the future.

  2. If I knew you I’d definitely give you a pat on the back and stand by you giving you the support you deserve for being able to do as you said.. I did indeed look for coal and planned to add to stockings instead of small gifts n candy.. You should be proud of yourself for following through. Our kids and grandchildren are to entitled these days and need knocked down a few steps..

  3. While I feel sorry for the child, I would NEVER express an opinion on another parent’s judgement. I am not a perfect parent and I doubt anyone else reading these stories is either. As I always told my children, being a parent that never judged or punished their kids would be so much easier. But, because I care, it cannot overlook bad behavior. Please, get off your pedestals people and give a parent that is honestly trying an even break..