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You Can Get A Hocus Pocus Black Flame Candle Company Tumbler That Glows In The Dark

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You can get a Sanderson Sisters Black Flame Candle Company Tumbler, and get this — IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! Gah!!


It is so close to Halloween, my FAVORITE time of year when the temperature drops, we throw on comfy sweaters, we get to indulge on Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and we watch Hocus Pocus about 23,000 times!


Now, you can have the PERFECT tumbler to hold your PSL while you watch HP for the 456th time!


This Sanderson Sister Black Flame Candle Company Tumbler comes in 2 different sizes (20 and 30 ounce) and about 5 different styles. The tough part is choosing which one to get! LOL!!

You can also get it personalized with your name, if you so desire. I would totally get it personalized, but I’m a selfish beast like that. *Smile Emoji*


These wickedly cool tumblers come in 2 different glow in the dark colors to choose from: green glitter or blue glitter.


The front of the tumbler has a Black Flame Candle Company logo, and the back of the tumbler has the full silhouette of each Sanderson sister with their most famous quote.


There is also the COOLEST black “drip” coming from the top — which you can opt not to get (but why would you?!?).

Each Black Flame Candle Company Tumbler also comes with a straw and a lid — it’s all about the detailed touches that I love!!


You can get your own Sanderson Sisters Black Flame Candle Company Tumbler from the LAVVcreations shop on Etsy.


These handmade glow in the dark tumblers run $52, and the shipping is FREE!!

Turn around time is about 3 weeks, but you can pay a little extra to have it rushed — Just let them know.


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  1. Hi. I bought a black flame candle tumbler on Etsy from you. I haven’t received any email response to the name and candle drip at the top so I was just hoping to
    Reach out to you again to clarify my purchase. Thank you for your time


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