Home Depot Is Selling A 7.5 Foot Orange And Black Striped Tree Just In Time For Halloween

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Christmas isn’t the only time of year to put up a tree.

In fact, people all over the states are making a statement by assembling trees and decorating them for every other holiday other than just day the of gift giving.

Courtesy of Home Depot

Even the Home Depot is selling trees specifically made for spooky season!

Courtesy of Home Depot

Nothing screams Halloween better other than the colors of orange and black, and while this tree is fully decorated with appropriately colored soft tinsel, this 7.5 foot tree is also designed with spiral layers starting from the bottom and finishing at the top.

Courtesy of Home Depot

Assembly is easy.

Connect the stand, put together the center pole, attach the tree on top and let gravity do the heavy lifting.

Courtesy of Home Depot

The tree will drop down on its own in full form!

Courtesy of Home Depot

This pop-up tree will make a statement underneath the ghosts hanging from the living room ceiling, next to the three witches stirring potions.

Courtesy of Home Depot

Instead of presents under the tree, buckets of candy will do the trick and neon green potion bottles will do just fine as ornaments.

You can currently get the Halloween pop-up tree at Home Depot for $110 but just make sure the black cat doesn’t knock the tree down and crack the mirror, talk about bad luck on the night of mischief.

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