You Can Get Mini Succulent Plants With Tiny Heart Shaped Leaves and I Love Them

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There’s only one thing upsetting about becoming a plant parent, and that is finding enough room on your shelf to make for the thousands of other live plants you know you’re going to buy in the near future.

We know it’s hard to resist buying any type of succulent whenever you walk into a Walmart, including this plant-like succulent that grows long vines of tiny heart shaped leaves.


Introducing the string of hearts house plant that is easy as pie to care of, just incase that green thumb has been absent recently.


Similar to a regular succulent you can find at any retailer, these house plants also prefer water only when their soil is completely dried out from the previous watering session.


This type of succulent also enjoys heat and the bright sunlight. You’ll be able to tell if your succulent has a desire for more sunlight if the leaves are wider apart and lighter in color, so keep an eye out on your child as any parent would!


This species often comes in two different colors including green and blush pink or sometimes a mixture of both colors if you’re lucky.


You can ship your own heart string succulent for just $10 on Amazon which means it’s that time again to shuffle over the other plants and succulents you have laying around!


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