If Your Presents Look Like They Were Wrapped By A Blind T-Rex, You Need to See This Woman’s Present Wrapping Hacks

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Wrapping presents is like a science, corner to corner, placing the bow exactly in the middle and making sure each edge is sealed properly.

If you have trouble doing any of those 3 things, there’s currently an account on Tiktok that’s going viral for wrapping difficult Christmas presents.

Seriously, if your presents look like they were wrapped by a blind T-rex, this is for you!


@beeandblooms has wrapped items from a 6 pack of beer, a toy ball, a guitar and more; aka, items that we have all avoided wrapping on Christmas Eve and end up throwing in a gift bag with tissue paper!

Her secret depends on the Christmas present that is being wrapped but from what it looks like, her wrapping skills are totally unique in a way that you wouldn’t think of doing.

For example, her strategy of wrapping a pink guitar is genius! From what it looks like, she starts out by laying the guitar horizontally and folding one side of the wrapping to the other.

Then, she folds in each side of the wrapping paper bit by bit until the cap is closed and then, tapes down each side.

Courtesy of @beeandblooms

After that, she finishes off her wrapping hack by filling the top with tissue paper and ties the middle with ribbon to make the finished result look like a large bottle of wine with a pretty bow!

Courtesy of @beeandblooms

It’s genius I tell you, genius and she has plenty of other wrapping hacks where that come from!

Courtesy of @beeandblooms

So if you’re planning on wrapping a teacup, a pair of sneakers (outside the box) or even a tin of cookies and you have no idea where to start, check out TikToker @beeandblooms because she’s here to save Christmas.

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