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You Can Now Get Pumpkin Spice Water Drops To Help You Drink More Water This Fall

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It’s pumpkin spice season, y’all!

So many pumpkin spice products are coming out, and I absolutely love it!

Now, you can get Pumpkin Spice Water Flavor Drops that you can add to things like water, lemonade, iced tea, or even coffee for a tasty burst of flavor.

Yum, right?!?


These water drops have no sugar added, and there are also no artificial sweeteners — sweetened with stevia — so they are just about perfect to use on the daily.

They are totally going to satisfy your sugar cravings without all the guilt!


Whomever thought about that one with liquid Stevia and made it happen deserves a freaking raise! I don’t normally use creamer in my coffee. Not enough space in the fridge for the good stuff. With this, I don’t need it. Just a bit of this, pour in the hot stuff and BOOM. Party time.

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You can even sweeten your food with these Pumpkin Spice Drops — think oatmeal, yogurts, or baked products.

I’m about to stock up on these!! They will make drinking ice water so much easier.


You can get a pack of 3 of these Pumpkin Spice Water Drops for 14 bucks — that’s less than $5 each!!

To get your own Pumpkin Spice Water Drops, just head on over to the Amazon website.


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