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This Hocus Pocus Glitter Tumbler Is The Perfect Way To Sip On Another Glorious Morning

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It is almost the time for all things sweaters, falling leaves, scarves, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Halloween!

My favorite Halloween movie is — of course — Hocus Pocus, and you can now get a GORGEOUS Hocus Pocus Glitter Tumbler to hold all your fall beverages of choice!

Disney / StormieWeatherC

This stunning tri-colored tumbler will make you want to embrace your inner Sanderson sister — Come, we fly!


This tumbler just runs amok with colors like blue, orange, and purple, and it’s full of sparkly glitter — Fancy!

Front of the Tumbler features quote, “Oh what a glorious morning, makes me sick” done in a silhouette style with holographic purple and orange lettering.


Then, you can turn the tumbler upside down, and be surprised that the bottom says “Amok, Amok, Amok.”


You can even make this tumbler a bit more magic by personalizing it with your name, which will run vertically up the back.

Just when you didn’t think this Hocus Pocus Glitter Tumbler could get anymore enchanting, it also comes with a Binx straw topper! Gah!! It’s so perfect.


Bubble, bubble, my bank account is in trouble, because I’m about to get one of these for every single one of my friends — it can be our “thing.”


Now, these Hocus Pocus Glitter Tumblers start at $47, but the price is dependent on how many ounces you want your tumbler to hold.

You can get this tumbler in 15, 20, or a whopping 30 ounces — Go Big or Go Home, AMIRITE?!?


The base for these tumblers is a stainless steel double walled tumbler, and the outside is made with “vinyl and glitter sealed with FDA approved epoxy, so they will not come off over time.”

These don’t belong in the dishwasher or microwave — you want to hand-wash them only — and you don’t want to leave it in a hot car, otherwise it will say “Goodbye cruel world!!”

You can pick up your own Hocus Pocus Glitter Tumbler at the StormieWeatherC shop on Etsy.


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