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You Can Get A Holiday Oreo Tin Filled With Fudge And White Fudge Covered Oreos!

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Some times it’s so hard to come up with great Christmas gift ideas. When that happens, I prefer to give food because we all need to eat right?


Cookies are pretty much a no brainer for most people, I know I’ve never turned down an Oreo. Maybe that isn’t something I should be bragging about, but I am a truth speaker.


Oreo has an amazing Holiday Oreo Tin out for Christmas and it is the perfect gift! The tin is blue and is covered in designs that represent the holiday season, you don’t even need to wrap it!

Inside the tin are Oreo cookies! but not just regular Oreos, these are covered in fudge!


There are a total of 24 cookies in the tin, 12 of them are the regular fudge-covered (my fave) and the other 12 are covered in white fudge!

Also, once those cookies are gone you totally have a cool new sewing kit! If you’re old enough, you know what I mean!

This would also be great to take to work, or any holiday gathering! Just put a bow on it and call it done!


You can pick up the 16.4 ounces 24 count Oreo Holiday Tin at stores like Walmart! At only about $8.98 it’s a great under $10 gift idea!

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