International Delight S’Mores Iced Coffee Is Coming For A Morning That’s Better Than Camping

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Hold up, guys! Look what we just found.

It’s International Delight — BUT it’s ICED COFFEE! Not only that, it’s S’MORES flavor! I am straight up dead right now.

Courtesy of candyhunting on Instagram

I LOVE me some Iced Coffee, but there is just WAY too much involved to make it correctly at home. There’s cheese cloth and giant tubs, and I’d just rather BUY a good Iced Coffee.

Thanks to the good — dare I say GREAT — people at International Delights, my necessary glass of Iced Coffee in the mornings has gotten SO much better.

Courtesy of candyhunting on Instagram

Not to mention, it tastes like a big ol’ S’more. Yes, please! I’m all over that!

S'more Bars Recipe

We have previously had a S’Mores creamer from International Delight, but we haven’t had an Iced Coffee before.

Courtesy of candyhunting on Instagram

Good news, this Iced Coffee will come complete with the milk and cream that you will need, already mixed all up in the coffee.

This will seriously improved my mornings by 500%. All I have to do is pour and go. No need to pull out the flavor syrup and the milk. It’s all ready to go.

This Iced Coffee isn’t out yet, *SAD FACE* but it will hopefully be out pretty soon. Can’t get here soon enough, right?!?

There is speculation that this International Delight S’Mores Iced Coffee will be out in late April. I’ll be stalking out the refrigerator section of my local grocery store until then.

Until this International Delights Iced Coffee hits refrigerators everywhere, you can check out this Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg Coffee Creamer. It is so decadent and good!

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