This Little Village Without Roads Looks Like Something Out of A Fairytale and I Want to Visit

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To look at the fairytale-like pictures, you’d think this is a village right out of Venice or Amsterdam. BUT, you’d be wrong.

Image credits: brainparking.com

This little village is in Holland, and I need to be there NOW.

Image credits: owegoo.com

This village was established in the 1200s, and there are no roadways. The entire village is connected by water canals or bridges.

Image credits: insureandgo.com

It is as peaceful as it looks!

Image credits: owegoo.com

The boats — known as whisper boats — transport people up and down the waterways, or the villagers can choose to walk over the more than 100 little bridges that connect the village to the mainland.

Image credits: owegoo.com

Y’all. You can book little hotels or B&Bs here for LESS THAN $100 a night. What am I doing wrong with my life, that I haven’t visited before now?!?

Image Credit: Booking.com

You wouldn’t know it to look at it, but there are restaurants, and everything you might need to have a comfortable fairytale getaway right here!

Image Credit: Giethoorn Tourism

You can check out the village’s website. It’s called Giethoorn, otherwise known as “Dutch Venice.”

Image Credit: Giethoorn Tourism

Y’all. I now have a new bucket list item! I need to plan a trip here, pronto!

Image credits: worldfortravel.com
Image credits: worldfortravel.com

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