Move Over Dunkaroos, Lunchables Just Released Three New Snack Packs That Are Made for Dunking

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We will forever know Lunchables as the snack you can build, but most recently, the convenient peel and eat pack has changed the way their snacks look and taste.

After Lunchables decided to add fresh fruit to their snack packs, the company took it a step further and stuffed a homemade inspired, grilled cheese in their boxes.

And we didn’t think it could get any better than a grilled cheese that tastes as if mom made it expect Lunchables, proved us wrong.

Lunchables has just released three new snack packs that are made specifically for dunking so move over Dunkaroos, you have some competition.

The new snack packs dubbed “Lunchables Dunkables”, catchy right, will include some of your favorite foods that you can now dunk.

And let’s just say that we’re the most excited for the peanut butter and chocolate chips spread.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

The new Lunchables Dunkables will feature:

  • Pretzel Twists with a Peanut Butter Spread & Chocolate Chips
  • Chicken Poppers with a Ranch & Ketchup-Style Dip
  • Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara & Breadcrumbs
Courtesy of @markie_devo

Lunchables new Dunkables will be stocked in retail stores that carry the brand.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

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