These Solar Panel Flowers Heat Up Your Pool By Absorbing Sunlight So Your Pool Is Always Warm

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If you’re the type of individual (like myself), who can’t stand jumping into a pool on the first go, you need these solar powdered flowers ASAP.

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If you have a pool in the backyard, I’m sure you’re preparing to clean it if you haven’t already, so it’s up and ready for the summer months.

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These solar powered flowers are especially unique, not only because they are in the shape of a flower, but because they use the sun to increase the temperate in your pool.

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Now you shouldn’t expect your pool to feel like a hot tub once you place these bad boys in. However, you can expect an increase by a few degrees in your swimming pool.

Take it from a customer review who stated,

“There is a noticeable difference where these have been floating. The big thing to keep in mind is their dimensions; my 9×18 ft pool will likely need 3 sets for full surface coverage.”

Charles Jones
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Once you toss in these solar flowers, they’re here to stay. The flowers fill up with water, so they sit in your pool even on a windy day.

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Now let’s talk about that flower design, cute right? They almost remind me of lily pads when placed into a pool setting. The design of these solar flowers create a stylish atmosphere for any pool.

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With 22″ in diameter, the solar pool flowers come in three different colors, blue, black, and rainbow. If it was up to me, I would chose black or blue, so it can match to the color scheme of my pool.

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You can purchase the Solar Pool Flowers off of Amazon for about $150. It’s time to heat up those chilly pools so we can jump right in!

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  1. Or you can go to Lowes and buy a big sheet of black plastic fairly cheap that heats the pool up very quickly so you are ready to go when Memorial day hits. ?

    1. @K, what is it that you said to get from the store cause I would love to go and get it!

  2. How do you keep them from clogging up in the skimmer?

  3. Amazon shows out of stock – Any idea when they will be vailable?

  4. How do you keep them from all “hugging the wall” of the pool instead of spreading through the entire pool?

    1. I have a 28k gallon pool, roughly 18 x 30. I have 36 of these in my pool and notice & 3 degree increase. At night the pool loses heat but it comes back again the next day.

  5. Would like to know more. And possibly discount code for an order . I have a large pool

    1. I have a 30,000 gallon pool…how many would I need?
      What is the cost?

    2. We are currently working on offering a discount code for purchasing multiple sets.
      Stay Tuned

  6. How would you know how many you need for your pool?