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‘The Goldbergs’ Is Coming Back And Here’s How The Cast Is Staying Safe

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I have just become familiar with The Goldbergs during this quarantine, but I have binge watched the entire show about three times! It is just that good.

Are you obsessed, too? You can totally admit it!

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LUCKILY, the show has now started filming its 8th season (I can’t even believe it has been on that long!!), and they have had to take special precautions to keep the cast and crew safe from the COVID.


Hayley Orrantia, who plays Erica Goldberg, has taken us on a TikTok behind the scenes tour of the show during this social distancing ordeal, and I love it!

Courtesy of Hayley Orrantia on TikTok

The actors are having to be driven to the set in BIG vans, 2 at a time, with plastic in between the driver and the passengers.


How we safely travel to and from set of ##TheGoldbergs during Covid feat. @itssamlerner ! ##covidsafety

♬ original sound – hayleyorrantia

Their hair and makeup prep is totally sanitary, with seperate bins for clothing, shoes, makeup, etc.

Courtesy of Hayley Orrantia on TikTok

And they even have to stay away from each other in the “green” room, as they wait to be called to set.

Courtesy of Hayley Orrantia on TikTok

This might seem like overkill, but if even one of them gets sick, they have to halt filming!


We’re back for Season 8! Here’s a look into the ##BTS of how we’re filming ##TheGoldbergs during this time! Comment what else you want to see! ✨

♬ original sound – hayleyorrantia

I mean, I don’t KNOW this for ABSOLUTELY sure, but I’m guessing, based on what I know of other businesses that have to shut down for 2 weeks when anyone in the building contracts COVID.

You might be wondering if the actors are going to actually have to wear masks on set, since they are being SO careful.

Hayley addresses that issue for us as well.


Reply to @braebrae188 no masks in the show but we will have them when walking around set! ##TheGoldbergs ##ABC ##sitcom ##masks

♬ original sound – hayleyorrantia

Stay safe, Goldbergs!! And, I can’t wait for the new season, hopefully this fall!!


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