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This Batman Dreamcatcher is the Perfect Addition to any Batcave

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The Batman drops into theaters on March 4th. Just in time for the premiere, you can get a large Batman Dreamcatcher to hang on your wall.


This Batman Dreamcatcher is hella cool. It would look so great in your kid’s room — especially if they have you have created a Batman theme for them!!

I have a batman bathroom and this is perfect for that room. It arrived quickly. Was just as described. I was very happily surprised at the fringe being made of what seems to be tshirt material it just makes it look so unique. It is perfect and I would buy from this seller again!!!!!

JS, Amazon Reviews

This Dreamcatcher is totally handmade. The bamboo circle is covered in white fabric, with gray, black, and yellow tassels cascading down the wall from the circle.

The large bat logo is front and center in the middle of the bamboo circle — a call for Batman, himself.


There is absolutely nothing that you have to assemble. It comes completely finished, and it’s gorgeous!

Diameter: 12.7cm/5 inch, total length: 76cm/30inch. Large Dream Catcher is a finished product that does NOT need to be assembled.


Y’all. This Dreamcatcher would also be perfect as a decoration for a Batman themed birthday party, or maybe a baby shower that color coordinates in gray, black, and yellow.

Do you know that legend of the dreamcatcher?

As you sleep, your nightmares pass through the holes of the dreamcatcher, and fly out of the window. Your good dreams are trapped in the web, and float down into your sleeping mind.


I don’t know about you, but I can use all the good dreams I can get!

You know what else this Batman Dreamcatcher would be perfect for? Hanging those hair bows that wind up all over your house. Just clip them to the gray, black, and yellow tassels that flow down the wall. So cute!!


The boys & myself are huge Batman fans. My kiddos share a room & it’s an all pink room. We’re working on remodeling but anyways my son struggled with bad dreams so I was looking for dream catchers & this caught my attention. Super glad I purchased. He was so excited & he loves it. Would most definitely purchase from this dealer again.

Christina, Amazon Reviews

This Batman Dreamcatcher is only $12.50. It’s so inexpensive, you almost HAVE to get it!


You can get your own Batman Dreamcatcher from the Amazon website.


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