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Target Releases Dog Pools That are Perfect For Pool Paw-ties

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My dogs love to swim in pools and go to the lake in the summertime because Texas gets hot.

I usually buy them kiddie-style plastic pools, but they don’t hold up very long when you have three giants jumping in and out of them every day.

Photo credit: Unschool The Dog

The Minnidip pool is made for dogs and will definitely hold up much better than a plastic kid’s pool.


My favorite thing about this pool is that it has a side drain valve for rapid water release, can use a hose to direct water!

This makes emptying it out and changing the water so much easier!

This dog pool is also made with a foldable design which makes it easy to store and take with you.

The bottom panel is made from heavy-duty vinyl, which is double the thickness of standard inflatable pool vinyl.


The heavy-duty vinyl adds extra durability to hold up to your dog’s use and since this is not inflatable you won’t need to worry about it popping.

It’s the perfect size for dogs to cool off without taking up too much room, it measures 4ft wide and 1ft tall.

Its beautiful palm leaf design will bring a tropic vibe to all of your dog’s pool paw-ties!

You can buy your own Dog Pool Covered in Banana Leaves From Target, but hurry before they sell out!


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