Target Releases New $40 Adult Size Kiddie Pools Ahead of Summer

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For those of us who don’t have a pool but still endure the very hot days of the summer season, you make do.

Whether you’ve filled a plastic bin with water to cool off or submerged yourself in small metal ice bin that’s made for only one, Target is selling the perfectly sized pool if you’re limited on room.

Courtesy of @minnidip

For dipping your toes in cool water or for watching movie nights in the backyard, ditch the uncomfortable plastic square bin and use the inflatable pool you deserve that doesn’t break the bank.

Courtesy of @minnidip

Dubbed the Minnidip Pool made for adults, (sorry kids) this modernized inflatable not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also beats the heat.

Courtesy of Target

So whether your apartment has a petite deck or only an urban rooftop patio, this small but mighty pool is nearly six feet wide to fit yourself and another to cheers cocktails with or to devour a cheese board on a Thursday night.

Courtesy of Target

Easy to clean and painless to inflate, late night ‘swims’ just became easier with this simple set up.

Courtesy of @minnidip

Designed like marble that looks similar to a granite counter top, the gold, black, white, and grey colors are subtle for age groups with full time jobs.

Courtesy of Target

Made for evening splashes on the back deck after a long hard day from your 9-5, you can find the adult kiddie pool at Target for $43 this summer season.

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