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Jason Momoa Eats This 4-Ingredient Breakfast Every Day And I Don’t Think I Could Do It

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If you want to look like Jason Momoa, you need to stick to his daily routine…

But, I don’t know if I could stick to his daily breakfast of choice.

I mean, the working out, the watching what you eat and drink, the whole starring in movies thing — I’m down with all that.

But, even Jason Momoa admits that he knows his breakfast ritual is a bit strange.

It’s not like Jason’s breakfast routine is reserved only for when he’s bulking up or slimming down.

No, it’s not some sort of ritual he goes through on the movie set.

Jason Momoa literally eats the same 4-ingredient breakfast every single day — as long as it’s feasibly possible — and he actually likes it.

What 4-Ingredient Breakfast Does Jason Momoa Eat Every Day?

Are you ready for this?

I don’t know. You might like it?

Me? Not so much.

I always have rice with avocado, sunny-side-up eggs, and sardines.

Jason Momoa

He says that the sardines MUST be fresh — and bonus points if they’re grilled.

It’s also very important that the eggs be sunny-side-up and not over easy. Gotta have the runny whites.

The only time he willingly veers from his breakfast ritual is when he is in his Hawaiian homeland.

If I’m in Hawaii, — it’s Portuguese sausage, eggs, rice, [macaroni] salad, kalua pig, lau lau and a big bowl of f—ing poi.

Jason Momoa

What do you think of Jason Momoa’s daily breakfast of choice?

Do you have any weird breakfast rituals?

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