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Regular TV and why it bores me…

So, I have decided recently that TV isn’t worth watching in real time.  And when I say real time, I don’t mean like right when the show is going on… but like some time that week on DVR.  I mean, sure… you get to skip the commercials… but that isn’t even enough for me anymore.  I want to watch the whole series from beginning to end… and if not end… then to where ever it is at that point.  For example… I have always wanted to get into Smallville, but because I didn’t start it at the very beginning… I didn’t start it at all!  But, I decided to check it out, and I am a little ways into season one… I am loving it!  Poor Clark… damn that Kryptonite!

I tell ya what I have decided though… I love what the internet has done for TV!  Go Internet!


Sunday 11th of January 2009

i don't like smallville - but i feel you. i don't want to pick up a series in the middle and have to piece together what happened before i started watching. give the internet of give me the box set!